Vegan Baklava Cookies

Vegan Baklava Cookies-3I’m not participating in this #SundaySupper so I thought I would make a recipe from one of the past challenge! Lisa has a very cool blog, Cooking With Curls and posted a recipe for Baklava Cookies

Vegan Baklava Cookies-2I used regular granulated sugar since I didn’t have any coconut sugar but I think I should have made it half brown sugar and half granulated. However, the cookies were still awesome and the husband loved them. I didn’t find them sweet enough but I think that’s because I had sticky sweet baklava stuck in my head. It’s not like we didn’t fight to get the last few for ourselves, so don’t worry about that. A great easy recipe to try out when you want a cookie that isn’t intimidating but a little different.

Vegan Baklava Cookies

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