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numiI met with Numi Organic Tea at the Fancy Food Show. I don’t write enough about Numi Teas I actually drink, since most of the time I forget. They are my “go to” on the move teas a lot of the time since I have some bagged flavours. I had to look back at my archives and it looks like I never mention them. Oops. I’ll try to fix that in the next few weeks.

numi-2So Numi has brought out a line called Indulgent Teas. To be honest I wasn’t interested in this. They are chocolate flavoured teas. And I have tried quite a few bad chocolate flavoured teas. It didn’t seem promising. I took my first sip and was so pleasantly surprised. I’ll write about the first one right now since I can’t wait!

numi chocolate rooibosChocolate Rooibos: This was my favourite. First of all it has a steep time of 6-8 minutes. I didn’t follow that so I did get a lighter flavour. However, it was very smooth and the chocolate was very natural. There is a great vanilla flavour that stands out and adds a sweetness. The aftertaste was just as pleasant. This is a great 3pm tea, especially when you want something chocolate and sweet with little calories.



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