Marly’s Vegan Coconut Cake

marly coconut cakePart 2 of E’s birthday. I figured it was bad form to wait another full year to bake for this year’s birthday so I took care of it right away. E had a party and requested a coconut cake. Actually a rainbow coconut cake like I made in St. Louis but well, at least I got the coconut cake part down.

marly coconut cake-2The recipe I used was from Namely Marley. I knew it wouldn’t flop as all of her recipes turn out really great for me. I was considering adding another layer because I didn’t know how many people would show up and if someone was allergic to or offended by coconut. Hey, you never know. But the original recipe fed us all with leftovers.

marly coconut cake-3The cake is very sweet, but it’s special occasion cake. I made the fluffy frosting coconut flavoured as well because I wanted to go all out. This is also so easy to decorate. Spread the frosting, pat with coconut and then you are done. I might have gotten some crumbs in my coconut but nobody cares about that when they see this giant snowball of a cake, believe me.

marly coconut cake slice

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  1. Thanks SO much Shannon. I’m so glad you liked the cake. It happens to be one of my personal favorites…since I was a kid. Although…I didn’t do the veganized version then. I love all these cakes you’ve listed here. Happy Birthday E!

  2. so delicious! Thanks again – I think we have a new favorite cake around here 🙂

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