broccoli saladI wanted something veggie filled for the seder potluck but I was running low on ideas. One of my friends suggested a broccoli salad so I started looking around. Most of the broccoli salads are mayo based, and while I could do that with vegan mayo it just sounded bad. But then Alton Brown came to the rescue, no modifications needed: his recipe was accidentally vegan.

broccoli salad-2I don’t mean to ┬áput a lot of focus on the vegan thing but a lot of Food Network chefs will sneak meat into anything they make. Drippings, fish stock and other bits that I like to avoid. Plus, bacon is a non-dying trend, so while you can just leave it out it sometimes leaves a gap. This salad has no gaps and was awesome. The fresh basil was so good with the hazelnuts. The cherry tomatoes were on point, I can’t believe I got such a good batch this early in the season. This salad is going into the rotation even if the husband avoids tomatoes. No worries, I’ll take care of that part!

broccoli salad-3

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