What I Ate Wednesday 3/12/2014

PhotoGrid_1394081324136Wednesday was oatmeal. Woo. Then lunch was catered and there was falafel. So falafel, pita, salad and hummus. Yum! I had a HUGE salad when I got home, in a serving bowl. Barely finished that one but I wanted something sweet so I had a piece of protein bar. 

PhotoGrid_1394163440292Thursday I had a piece of toast with banana and peanut butter. I really love the Hodo Soy Eggless Salad stuff, so I had the rest of that for lunch in a tortilla with some wasabi nuts. I came home and ate some chips while I was making cuban black beans, rice and broccoli. Ended up with a bit of peanut butter protein bar as dessert.

PhotoGrid_1394295758630Friday was tiring. I had a piece of toast with an apple for breakfast. For lunch I had a refresh of dinner: black beans, salsa verde, broccoli and rice. I snacked on some grapes before I got home and when I got home I got into the chips. For dinner I tried these new masala pot pies. They were okay, kind of weird but a nice change.  Salad on the side. 

PhotoGrid_1394343966158Saturday could have been better. I find it harder to eat well on the weekends. Before tennis I had a banana and peanut butter wrapped in a tortilla. When I got home I had a small bowl of cereal. We rode out to Half Moon Bay for a late lunch and I had the hummus platter. That was all the veggies I had all day, oops. Around 6 I was hungry but the husband wasn’t so I made some oatmeal. Around 10pm we were watching a movie so I air popped some popcorn. A+ on fiber, kind of a fail on green things. 

PhotoGrid_1394426289746On Sunday I went to yoga when I got up. I was super hungry when I got home so I inhaled a Builder’s Bar before I took off again for a hike! I know, I have to write that up.  When I got home I made myself a sandwich with tofurkey and had some grapes on the side. Then I started to bake and tested a cookie and a brownie. Dinner was a salad, fake chicken (real chicken for the husband) and mashed potatoes with gravy. Broccoli on the side because I felt like I needed more veggies in my life. 

PhotoGrid_1394551966263Monday I had a doctor’s appointment so I had a bagel with peanut butter when I got into work late. I was super hungry. Lunch was boiled potatoes with peas, corn and edamame. Yeah, kind of comfort food. I was munch though after that since there wasn’t enough protein so I snacked on some wasabi nuts and chips. I made a stir fry with pea shoots, tofu, broccoli and water chestnuts for dinner over brown rice. 

PhotoGrid_1394600189676Yesterday.  Started with blueberry and banana oatmeal and had a big salad with pea shoots, carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, and green goddess dressing. Grapes in the corner that you can barely see. When I got home from work I’d had enough of veggies so I had a protein bar and made “breakfast” for dinner. I didn’t feel like making a tofu scramble so I had just carbs: fake bacon, fake sausage, potatoes and toast. That could have gone better. Hrm. 

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