Vegan Grasshopper Pie

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vegan grasshopper pieI thought I would kill two birds with one stone, even though that’s not vegan. Anyway, I figured I’d make a pie for Pi Day, and make it green for St. Patrick’s Day. See? Easy. Plus, I’ve been eyeing this Vegan Grasshopper Pie for a while now.

vegan grasshopper pie-3I’ve had a few cartons of soya whipping cream in my cupboard for a bit now. And when I went to read the whipping instructions it said to keep refrigerated. Um. Yeah. Not “refrigerate after opening” like most tetra packs. In fact this one came without cold packs and I remember seeing it on the normal shelves in Whole Foods. So what it good?

vegan grasshopper pie-4Yup. It was fine. I was excited and bought a new pie plate, but then again read the instructions where a pie plate was not recommended. Figures. I used my spring form pan. I also didn’t have any creme de menthe so I just used peppermint extract. I worked. Everyone enjoyed the pie. I recommend keeping it chilled, since when it sits out a bit it gets a tiny bit floppy.

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