The Chocolate Torte To Live For

The Chocolate Torte To Live ForChocolate cake? Yes please. This Chocolate Torte To Live For posted over at Vegan Richa’s was just what I was craving.

The Chocolate Torte To Live For-2Did it live up to the title of the recipe? I don’t know. It was a fine chocolate cake but it was missing that decadent and rich feature to call it something to live for. I’m not complaining because the recipe was so very easy and it was a nice cake. Funny thing is I brought it into work to share. I ended up checking on the plate in the kitchen and there were a bunch of crumbs and a tiny sliver left. So in order to clean the plate I just grabbed a fork and started eating while carrying the plate to the sink. One of my coworkers looked horrified. I had to laugh and tell them it was my plate and that I was just cleaning it off. Seriously, there was a finger sized piece of cake on it, I’m not going to move it to a new plate. They will probably never eat anything I bring into the office ever again. Oops.

The Chocolate Torte To Live For-3

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