Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area

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Quarry Lakes-5So I had planned to hang out at Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area with my husband. It is pretty, flat and a nice walk. However, he had to work so I went alone. No big deal. This park is right in Fremont and not really on the outskirts of anything. Easy to get to, but it’s bordered by noise. The BART train borders one side and houses border another.

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Quarry Lakes-3Even though it was kind of noisy it was fine with earbuds. And very safe. There were loads of people here on a sunny day and most of them were fishing. It’s a popular spot. Wildlife check? A hawk, some evil Canadian geese, and a black cat. Yeah, can’t get more suburban than that. It is pretty circling the lakes though and there is a random rare citrus orchard in the middle.

Quarry Lakes-2I’ll probably be back but next time I’m sure I’ll park at the top of the road instead of entering for the fee. Since I’m not dragging stuff like chairs and fishing poles it’s totally fine to start my walk at that side of the park.

Quarry Lakes

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