What I Ate Wednesday 2/12/2014

wiaw-2-12-2014-2Happy Wednesday! I had a doctor’s appointment Tuesday morning so I thought I would start the day with a late breakfast of waffles at my desk. I’ll totally blog about these. So good. Pretty darn healthy and yes, I keep Canadian maple syrup at my desk. I wasn’t joking about that.

wiaw-2-12-2014Lunch was beans and brown rice. I crave this, so weird. These are cuban beans, love them so much. Broccoli for something green. Got home from grocery shopping, changed clothes and then played tennis for 1.5 hours. I was totally starving when I ate dinner after that workout so yeah, that’s my plate of sushi. I actually bought 2 packages at the posh grocery store for dinner, and I ate it all. It was marred by the avocado but if you put enough wasabi on these they are pretty good. Or I alternately poke out the avocado. Bleh.



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