Vegan Banana Ganache Pie

Banana Ganache PieI haven’t baked with bananas in quite a while! I guess I still haven’t baked with bananas since this is a raw pie, but that’s not the point. The point is that I had some ripe bananas and figured I could do something fun. It is a very easy recipe and the worst part is waiting for it to set in the fridge.

Banana Ganache Pie-4Hannah posted a Frankenstorm Pie a few years back and it is something that can truly be made out of the pantry. You know, for dessert emergencies. If you have bananas. And I always have bananas. I already had graham cracker crumbs so all I had to do for the crust was mix it with some margarine. I made half of the filling since I have such a shallow pie pan. (I really do need a deeper pie pan!) Anyway, the filling was all thrown in the blender which is why it looks a bit bubbly. The blendtec is not a gentle beast.

Banana Ganache Pie-2But how did it taste? Like you couldn’t guess! This is a great pie! It really is sweeter than you might think and it is quite rich since there is more chocolate than anything else in this pie. The texture is very smooth out of the fridge, I was worried about it setting up but it turned out fine.

Banana Ganache Pie-3




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  1. I have everything to make this except the graham cracker crumbs – now I’m hungry and contemplating driving to the store!!

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