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tiesta teaI’m drinking my way through samples. I met with Tiesta Tea at the Fancy Food Show and these guys were so great to chat with. There is no drinking these teas with your pinky up, that’s for sure.

The blends are totally approachable and not intimidating. But they are not your run of the mill blends, so don’t worry about being bored. You don’t have to read into every single note to enjoy them at all. You want an energizing tea? Try Explosive Mango Mate. You need to relax? Try Lemon Meringue Chamomile. I wanted to try something really different at home. I got a sample of Chunky Watermelon.

tiesta tea watermelonYeah, really. I tried it hot and it was weird, so I took a sample home to make some iced tea. Because you know with watermelon it’s going to be pretty interesting iced.

The tea is very sweet naturally. It has watermelon pieces, apple pieces, carrot flakes (!), honeydew melon bits and strawberry pieces. I’m not sure what the carrot is doing in there but it doesn’t really taste bad. Plus, carrots are kind of sweet. Even though the tea is sweet it is still very refreshing. This would be a perfect sunny day sipper.

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