Thornewood Open Space Preserve

Thornewood Open Space PreserveSaturday was busy. It was almost the end of the month with only 1 hike in my pocket and I had plans on Sunday for a movie. I was going to go hiking in the morning but the movie got pushed to a matinée so that was out. Oh well. So I got up, played tennis, ate breakfast and headed out for a quick hike.

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Thornewood Open Space Preserve-3Thornewood is a tiny little preserve nestled in between a few bigger ones in Woodside. I read that the entrance to the main parking lot was pretty hidden and that’s quite accurate. My first turn was into someone’s driveway (sorry mansion owners) but I made it on my second try. It’s a left in the middle of a right-handed corner on a 2 lane hilly road. Yeah. I didn’t kill any cyclists zooming down the hill so I get a gold medal for that.

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Thornewood Open Space Preserve-5There are two trails in this preserve: Schilling Lake Trail and Bridle Trail. There is a tiny lake that is kind of cute, I think it is a little over a mile out and back, pretty easy. The only wildlife I saw was on the lake. It’s still so dry out so everything is dusty and the lake was sludgy.

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Thornewood Open Space Preserve-7The Bridle trail actually leads into redwoods which is always so nice and pretty. It’s almost all switchbacks down to another road which was fine. My hike ended up being 3 miles so each trail was not very long since it was an out and back. I saw a few people on the trails, I think they parked at the bottom of the Bridle trail since I didn’t ever see their cars.

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