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duke-2014-2I’m doing okay with my goals. People pshaw’ed at the goal of getting out on my bike twice a month. However, I’m making that goal, so there’s that. I got into a huge argument on the internet (*rolls eyes*) with a guy who thinks that if I don’t live and breathe and sleep on my bike I don’t deserve it. Yeah. “deserve it”. Punk kids. Because a motorcycle can’t be a recreational vehicle. It’s sure as hell taxed as one.

So instead of getting all up in arms (okay, my blood pressure raised, he was a douche in the whole conversation and well, I put him in his place) I’m just doing my thing. Which is going out when I can. Riding is getting a lot easier mentally. It’s the slow maneuver turns and such into parking lots and driveways that freak me out and that used to be totally fine when doing parking lot practice. Whatever. It’s all mental. The husband has been more than patient with me and I love the intercom system. There’s been no panic when I’m out on the street, I can just talk to him and figure out where to go next. I still don’t have a lot of mileage but I have more confidence. I got to wave to my first guy and actually have been having fun. Who cares if it is all around my neighbourhood, I’m cool with that right now.



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