Garmin Forerunner 610

Garmin 610I had a big Christmas. While I was expecting the camera I was not expecting my husband to also pick me up the Garmin that has been on my wish list for a long time. I have been using my Garmin 305 for years. I got it in 2007 for finishing Couch25k. Yep, that’s a long time. I was eyeing different models like the Fenix and the 620 but the 610 seems to be just what I need.

I use my Garmin every single time I hike. Or run, which is now super rare. Sure, I have my phone and such but my Garmin is the only device that has been consistent and very accurate. I like accuracy.

Mountain Home-Muir Woods-7This has a touch screen but you have to press quite a bit or use your nail. It is a bit different but that’s because they don’t want you to mistakenly hit something. I get it. It is thankfully a lot smaller than my 305.

Syncing: my only Garmin issue. The 305 had it’s ups and downs and for me (standing on one leg and hopping counter clockwise sometimes worked), the ANT device with the 610 ate my third hike and put it in limbo. Not cool Garmin. I had to reset the ANT app and go through a bunch of hoops that took me a few hours to actually get the damn data off my watch since it didn’t exist in the synced folder and the Garmin site wouldn’t see the track. I was NOT going to lose those 5 miles! I earned them. When it does work it updates to the Garmin site. I’m kind of bummed about the issues that are still happening in this generation of products.

Coastside Trail Half Moon Bay-8I’m really going to miss the Garmin Training Center though. I love that darn program. I don’t like the reporting much on the Garmin site, you can’t break things down in a year by exercise, it only goes down to a week in the reporting section. I can’t seem to export to csv, I hope they will fix that soon.

Other than the few issues I really like the 610. It’s great for me as a hiker (I wish it did have a default hike setting, since I have to change that manually on the connect site), and I’m glad I did upgrade.

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