Edgewood Pt 2, Or How Do I Blog About This?

edgewood2I went on a quick hike when I was working from home Thursday. After the allergist I headed a few minutes away back to Edgewood Park & Preserve right off of 280 in Redwood City. Since it is so close it’s great to just jump on a trail.

edgewood2-2But when does it become boring and TMI? I mean, I don’t blog about the 20 more times I made waffles or chocolate cake. I only blog about the initial time, or at least one time only. What do I do with repeat parks or hikes? This isn’t really a “what I did today” lifestyle blog, so I don’t know yet. I’m leaning towards them not getting blogged about at all. You know I’m active, and I’ll put it in a round up.

edgewood2-3It might be different in a larger park with trails that are really varied. This hike was almost like my last one, except I did extend it to 3.55 miles and did the biggest loop I could. There are still some connecting trails, I could make it a bit longer but this is a small park. I also find it weird that I don’t visit the parks up by Skyline much anymore since I’ve blogged about them. If I want to hit my goal of 24 hikes I’m going to have to repeat sometime. Unless my drives start to get really long.





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