Blueberry Maple Bran Muffins

blueberry maple bran muffinsMy blueberry cravings are kind of out of control. Which is bad in the winter. Blah. I haven’t had bran muffins in a few months so I decided to whip up this recipe from Isa Does It. Sort of.

blueberry maple bran muffins-2Sort of? Well yes. See, these on a normal day would be nice light and fluffy bran muffins. However, I had extra wheat bran to use up (it wouldn’t fit in the jar, I’m so lazy) so I just tossed it in. It changes the texture and makes them more dense. Now, I am fine with this change but it’s just a fair warning. If you want a lighter muffin follow the recipe. If you have a bit extra bran and you are too lazy to put it in a zip lock baggie, go ahead and add it to the recipe, or your next recipe. Wheat bran is good for the body and the soul! blueberry maple bran muffins-3




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