Vegan Blogger Meetup, Oakland Style

timeless cafe-2Man, every month I say I’m going to meet up with some bloggers and each time I end up having other plans on the day it is hosted. The past few times it has been on a Saturday when I have tennis, so I had to jump in and join when it was on a Sunday. Tashina hosted and there were quite a lot of people who showed up! It was a beautiful day and people were out in full force getting their brunch on.

There were a ton of people already in the small cafe and we had to split up into little groups in order to find somewhere to sit. I’m pretty sure 95% of those who attended knew each other but they were very friendly and welcoming to me, the new person.  I didn’t get a chance to talk to a lot of people but it was a darn tasty brunch.

timeless cafeThe vegan bacon biscuit was on the menu. I love tofu scramble so this was interesting as I usually like it with toast. The biscuit was massive, I couldn’t finish it. The scramble had Daiya in it but I didn’t notice the flavour at all (which isn’t a bad thing) and the bacon was crispy. They also make a ton of pastries, even ones with laminated doughs so that’s kind of worth the trip to be honest. Plus, the good company. I kind of miss when we used to live over here so close to Piedmont, but it’s just some place we’ll have to make up an excuse to visit more often.



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