Raw Eggplant Bacon

Eggplant BaconEggplant. I got one in my CSA and I didn’t feel like frying it with breadcrumbs. You know, my favourite way. Sure I could have baked it but I wanted something different. I had totally forgot I had bookmarked Gina’s Raw Eggplant Bacon recipe until I did a search for eggplant in my recipes folder.

Eggplant Bacon-2I say only make this is you actually like the taste of eggplant. I know that sounds weird but all the spices and liquid smoke don’t mask the flavour but enhance it. I like it quite a bit but the husband wasn’t a huge fan. No worries, more for me. I think I’ll break some up to put in quick salads this week. It’s pretty easy to make, it just takes time because of the marinade and dehydrator.



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