Raw Carrot Cake Coconut MacaroonsOh yeah. I busted out my dehydrator because I wanted some easy snacks for work instead of hitting the receptionists desk for chocolate. I had been eyeing these Raw Carrot Cake Coconut Macaroons and just never really had many carrots in the house in the past few weeks. I know, so weird but I went off of carrots for a bit. Pretty bad for a bunny. Don’t worry, they are back in full force.

Raw Carrot Cake Coconut Macaroons-2I made these almost as written for a change. I ran out of coconut but it worked out fine with a little less. I also used pre-packaged almond meal. I felt they didn’t need long in the dehydrator so it was only about 6 or so hours.

Raw Carrot Cake Coconut Macaroons-3As you can see, I didn’t even bother with the frosting.  I popped one right into my mouth out of the dehydrator and decided they didn’t need anything else. These are so tasty. Since the outside is dry they are super portable and I have been bringing them as dessert for my lunches in a little baggie. I got a TON of tiny teaspoon sized balls so that might be why they dried so quickly.

Raw Carrot Cake Coconut Macaroons-4

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