Mountain Home – Mt Tamalpais Hike

Mountain Home-Muir Woods Holy crap I got across the Golden Gate. I really need to do this more often but the traffic. Oh the traffic. Anyway, it wasn’t too bad on Sunday and I got an early enough start to head out north. North to Mount Tam! I was lucky and traffic was pretty mellow, it only took a little over an hour to get to the Mountain Home Inn, a great place to start a hike.

Mountain Home-Muir Woods-2I’m always forgetting something. Today it was my earbuds. Oh well. That was not worth turning around for. You don’t want to know how many times I’ve turned around for my Garmin, and now that my phone is a decent camera I don’t have to turn around for that anymore. This hike starts on a fire road, then you can get up into the trails.

Mountain Home-Muir Woods-3I planned on doing the hike in the 60 miles book so I started off at the Troupe 80 trail. This trail was great. It was rocky in some places, cushy from pine needles in others. Not too drastic in elevation changes either. I really hate it when a trail is all uphill or downhill.

Mountain Home-Muir Woods-4I was surprised when I got to the Meadow where I was to turn on the Bootlick trail (to go downhill and then meet my doom of over 260 steps back up) to find it closed. Wow, should have totally checked that. There were some friendly people hanging out on the rock in the meadow who showed me a map to see if I should just take another spur out of the meadow but I decided to just head back the way I came and take another offshoot trail. Let’s be honest, I didn’t want to hit those stairs accidentally or do anything drastic. Yes, I completely understand how lazy that is.

Mountain Home-Muir Woods-5Speaking of people in the east side of the park and on the trails, they were amazingly nice. I ran into about 4 or 5 groups of people and they all said hello first and one lady was really chatty with her dog. It was kind of surprising. Maybe it was because I didn’t have headphones in. The trails I visited were still secluded enough, I rarely ran into anyone in over my 5 miles but when I did it was a nice exchange. There was no wildlife either, and that was kind of weird.

Mountain Home-Muir Woods-6I felt like Rudolph on the hike though. Damn my nose wouldn’t stop running. Stupid nature. One of these days I’ll remember to take an anti-histamine. Yeah right.

Mountain Home-Muir Woods-7To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to this hike. It does skirt the mountain and is only rated moderate but I didn’t want to be huffing and puffing. This is a park/trailhead that I will come back to for sure. While I missed the bad bits (turning it into an easy hike) I have to remind myself that I don’t have to do everything as written. I still got in a little over 5 miles and felt there was enough variation to come back.

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