lupicia elderflower and chamomile teaI barely steeped this (enough for the photo and then removed the bag before even turning off my camera) and this is very full of flavour. A lot of herbals are mellow but this Elderflower and Chamomile really stands out. Not necessarily in a great way.

The elderflower is very overpowering. The chamomile tries to smooth it out but there is a fight to the death and elderflower won. Unfortunately chamomile tastes way better than elderflower. Elderflower is great for colds and flu, it really hits the sinuses so this is a great winter tea. The elderflower itself is a bit bitter and pungent so I can’t see myself reaching for this when I’m happy and in a good mood but if I feel a cold or flu coming on I might have a cup for medicinal purposes.

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