Hiking 2013 Round Up

2012 was a crummy year for hiking so I decided that I could beat the 2013 number of 8 and try to hit 15-20.


A whole 4.75 miles were done. And that was around work. Obviously I wasn’t so hyped up on getting more hiking in. Honestly the weather was kind of crummy. Oh well.

bay trail oyster pt-2
Bay Trail: Sierra Point (Brisbane) to Oyster Point (SSF) 4.75 Miles


0 miles. Way to go Shannon. Sheesh. I noticed at the end of March I hadn’t gone hiking in a long time. I had a lot of busy weekends so planned, but pledged when I did my 100 mile challenge in April I would get in 4 hikes, no matter what.


Yep, hikes! Finally. I did the 4 hikes and it was nice. The overall mileage kind of killed me (100 miles is a 5k a day, my knees were angry) but it was good getting back out there.

skyline open space preserve-3
Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve 4.61 Miles
Water Dog Lake Park-12
Water Dog Lake Park 3.43 Miles
 Hidden Villa Farm and Wilderness Preserve 3.69 miles
Hidden Villa Farm and Wilderness Preserve 3.69 Miles
Coyote Hills Regional Park 4.31 miles
Coyote Hills Regional Park 4.31 Miles


Trying to keep up the hiking. Dropped the ball with only 1 hike. Where do the weekends go? I started a new job at the end of the month and even had a bit of time off but it got eaten up by other things. Like sitting on the couch. Have I mentioned how much I love being a sloth?

Sam McDonald County Park  4.5 Miles
Sam McDonald County Park 4.5 Miles


I guess it was officially summer and I was motivated… for one hike. I started putting hikes on my calendar. And blowing them off. It wasn’t even a real hike, it was all paved and it was super busy. Hey, I went out.

sawyer camp trail-2
Sawyer Camp Trail 4.55 Miles


Ouch. I realized that tennis on Saturdays really cuts into my hike time. I don’t like to double up exercise days so it only leaves Sunday. And then I make other plans. In July I started to think that maybe I should invite people on hikes. It would kill 2 birds with one stone… but yeah. It’s my quiet time.

Año Nuevo State Reserve 4.35 Miles
Año Nuevo State Reserve 4.35 Miles


I got in two hikes in August. I went over to Half Moon Bay and then decided to hike actually IN San Francisco. It was pretty nice. Both pretty easy hikes. I was having knee problems in August so I tried to take it easy. I even took most of August off of the gym

Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park 3.5 miles
Burleigh Murray Ranch State Park 3.5 Miles
Batteries to Bluffs Trail (SF) 3.53 Miles
Batteries to Bluffs Trail (SF) 3.53 Miles


I did plan more than 2 hikes but life (and migranes) got in the way. September just kind of slipped from under my fingers. I didn’t hit any goals I set for this month so it’s no surprise I didn’t do well in the hiking department. I did push things a bit by doing a weekday hike after work in SF. Go me!

Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve 4.0 miles
Sierra Azul Open Space Preserve 4.0 Miles
Lands End, SF 3.01 Miles
Lands End, SF 3.01 Miles


October means summer in SF. It didn’t mean more hiking though. Weekends start to fill up super quick in October between the husbands birthday and other things hikes kept on getting pushed out. Santa Teresa was nice but still kind of urban. Saw my first coyote on the trails though, go me? Let’s be honest, all the hikes in October were urban. So lazy.

Santa Teresa County Park 3.50 miles
Santa Teresa County Park 3.50 Miles
Bair Island 2.0 Miles
Bair Island 2.0 Miles
Eaton Park & Big Canyon Park 3.70 Miles


Birthday month! My calendar filled up so fast but I put 3 hikes on the calendar. I had to do a lot of shuffling but I did it. And then for my birthday the universe gave me the stomach flu. That took me out of even wanting to move for 2 weeks. Brilliant. Waking up every morning sick to your stomach even when you aren’t sick anymore isn’t really something that spurs you on to go out and get dizzy in the “wilderness”. Even urban hikes didn’t sound like a good time.

-Hayward Regional Shoreline-3
Hayward Regional Shoreline 5.75 Miles


So many holiday engagements and I had already hit 16 hikes. I’m not even popular but there was something every weekend, most of the time doubled and tripled up. I didn’t get time off around Thanksgiving (yay e-commerce job), so there wasn’t much down time at all and my couch was calling. I planned 3 easy hikes for the end of December since I only had a few days off in total but for Christmas I got a cold. Blah. So I ended up spending more time on the couch than planned.

Overall totals:

I beat my last year mileage (even though the hikes were a lot shorter on average), doubled my hike count and felt a lot better about getting out. My goal next year is twice a month. I should be able to do that, 24 hikes! I spent almost 21 hours on the trails. Last year was 16 hours but for 2014 I hope to be out there a lot longer, it’s a good way to de-stress.

hiking 2013


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