Bear Creek Staging Area, Briones Regional Park 5.0 Miles

Bear Creek Staging Area, Briones Regional Park

Bear Creek Staging Area

Bear Creek Staging Area-2I was in the East Bay on Sunday so I decided to do a hike over in that neck of the woods instead of up in North bay or south of my house. I wandered over to Briones Regional Park. It’s a pretty nice park, well groomed and a few nice long trails that loop. I started at the Bear Creek Staging Area that was super easy to find off of Bear Creek Rd. Who knew huh? Parking was $3 which isn’t bad at all.

Bear Creek Staging Area-3

Bear Creek Staging Area-4It was a beautiful day but I couldn’t decide if I needed a jacket or not. Of course I decided against a jacket and then the wind picked up. I wasn’t super cold but I wasn’t as toasty as I would have liked. I did survive without frost bite. The trails are all large fire roads and I went on a loop that was about 5 miles around one of the larger hills.

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Bear Creek Staging Area-6


I’m unsure of timeframe for Bears being in Bear Creek, but right now it’s all cows. Really lazy cows. And domesticated ones which is nice. They were not like their Fremont brethren and they let me get on my way around the trails, those these 2 were no help with directions. I didn’t want to get too close to read the sign so I just guessed. That’s a photo with no zoom.

Bear Creek Staging Area-7


Bear Creek Staging Area-8Speaking of photos, notice how all of my pictures are weird and look exposed incorrectly? Well, that’s honestly the colours the landscape was rocking on Sunday. The sky was a bright blue, typical for this time of year. The grass was a horrible taupe and totally dead. We’re going through a drought here in California and in January/Feb this area would have been green as emeralds from all the rain. Not a drop to be had though and everything is starting to suffer. You know something is wrong when the dirt on the trails have more colour than the vegetation. Pretty creepy.

Bear Creek Staging Area-9Anyway, this hike was okay. I should have waited until there was some rain so maybe there would be some growth and flowers. The hills can be a bitch in the middle of the hike but they are consistent. There are a lot of great views of rolling hills but it would be even better if it was green.





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