Tennis, I’m Almost An Intermediate!

Tennis2I love these stupid photos my coach takes. It was the end of the lesson, don’t I look happy? We’re volleying. I wanted to go home and finish my damn cake (which didn’t turn out, go figure).

Anyway, tennis is going well! As a group we have come so very far. We started playing once a week in the past few weeks because now we can actually hit the ball back and forth a few times. It’s pretty cool. We’re lucky to be able to play all year round outside. Yes, it was 30 degrees a few weeks but we made it work. It helps that we have to run around a lot.

And lessons are still fun. We’re still working on basics but we’re on to things like volleying and moving while hitting. Hitting the inside our outside edge of the ball. Pretty cool things. Everyone is actually upgrading their racquets in the next few weeks as well. I’m on my spare mens racquet right now, my pink one was really crummy and I switched to my brothers racquet months ago. The local tennis shop does a rental program to try out different racquets in order to try out a bunch before you buy. The rental fee goes towards the final purchase which is really cool. I plan on starting up the program on Saturday to test out a few different types. Thank goodness for coaches and experts at the shop because I seriously have NO idea what I need to look for in gear.

I figure when I become a solid intermediate I can start wearing cute skirts 😉


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