Pumpkin Pie Molasses Ginger CookiesOh yeah. More pumpkin? I know, it’s getting old but I can’t help it. I roasted a big pumpkin, so give me a break. These Pumpkin Pie Molasses Ginger Cookies were a neat twist on a classic. Pumpkin, ginger and molasses. It’s the holidays yo!

Pumpkin Pie Molasses Ginger Cookies-2I made these almost as written. I really wanted to roll them in demerara sugar, giving them bigger crunchy crystals on the outside. Loved the outcome. Mine didn’t spread as much but the inside cooked fine and was soft. With the bit of crunch on the outside it turned out just how I wanted. I’ll keep these in my recipe box for quite a while. A great way to use up extra pumpkin and I love molasses anyways.

Pumpkin Pie Molasses Ginger Cookies-3