Oh, Christmas Rocked! I Got A Sony NEX-3N!

First Sony Photo Bella
Shannon’s first photo: Featuring Bella the lapcat. The swivel display makes it easy!

So it’s been awhile since I upgraded my camera. I’m a point and shoot girl. Seriously. I do have quite a few photog friends but it’s never been my art. There’s always just something missing from my framing. But it gets the point across on the blog. “Hey look! A cupcake!”.

Bens M&MsAnyway, I’ve been thinking that a better camera might help me focus a bit more on what I’m trying to say. The husband and I facebook messaged with a few friends and instead of the DSLR I was eyeing they pushed me in the direction of the micro four thirds. I had heard a bit about them a few years back at the food convention but nobody had one. It was all full of Canon T3i people. I was planning on the T4i but my friends knew exactly what I needed.

water dropsSo we went back and forth and while the Samsung looked good to my husband and I the photographers were sold on the Sony for it’s better hardware. I ended up with a Sony NEX 3N. Not the newest but one of the easiest transition cameras from a P&S perspective with solid reviews. I got a few lenses, case and a bunch of stuff in a bundle for a great price. I didn’t get a macro lens yet, I want to play with some standard lenses first since this is my first time trying to work with something other than a point and shoot.

lilySo excuse me while I try to figure this out! I plan on taking an intro class in February so things should get a bit better once I figure this thing out.

dead grass

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