Oh Body, WTF?

Photo courtesy of Tinny
Photo courtesy of Tinny

Dear Body,

Yes, I know I’ve been feeding you crap. Too much sugar, not enough veggies. But still… why are you revolting? It’s not like full on binges, or even that much worse than the rest of the year to be honest. On days that I don’t eat processed sugar and when eat pretty stellar I am still waking up the next morning dizzy and nauseous. Like morning sickness nauseous and we both know that’s not the reason.

(seriously people, no babies in this zone)

Body, why even after cleaning up some of my diet are you still making me feel nauseous  and dizzy? Do I have to do an elimination diet to sort this out? Will probiotics solve my distress? Can’t you just tell me that eating x, y, or z is screwing with my stomach? Is the candida back? Is it just a new intolerance? I’ve not had both light-headedness and an upset stomach daily for a long time. Now it’s a month running.

If it’s grains or gluten you are so fired. Eff that. That’s the only thing that takes away the horrible sensations currently. I know stress isn’t helping either and I’m working on that as well.

So I promise I’ll get better soon with some eating, go to the gym, and play tennis weekly. But you are going to have to help me figure out your grievances. I can’t do it by myself and there’s no way I’m going to go back to eating lettuce 24/7 to feel my “best”. There’s got to be a better solution.

I swear a love you… just not today,


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