Nutty WedgesDon’t hate me because my grass is still green. When I came across this recipe for Nutty Wedges with Brown Sugar Whipped Cream one #SundaySupper I bookmarked it instantly. This is the kind of dessert I can get behind. Seriously. Nuts, caramel and a bit of whip? Okay!

Nutty Wedges-2It’s almost vegan. Instead  of the whipping cream I used almond milk. For the base that was totally fine. These got inhaled plain at work. Everyone loved them. I wasn’t sure about the whipped cream. I ended up buying some Rice Whip and tried it. Cheating but yeah, I wasn’t up to making my own vegan whipped cream that day. It was really tasty with the whip! It’s not my favourite thing in the world but I really did like the whip on these. Even if you only make the wedges and cheat on the whip, do it. A totally satisfying dessert. Gluten-free too!

Nutty Wedges-3


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