It’s That Time Of Year, My 2013 Cookie Swap Party!

Cookie Swap 2013This year was fun! Everyone got along, got sick on sugar and brought some awesome treats. My friends rock and truly know the way to my heart. I made my grandma’s Peanut Butter Balls. I made 75 of those little suckers. Damn I really hate dipping stuff in chocolate. Blah. Worth it in the end.

Cookie Swap 2013-2

Cookie Swap 2013-3Sarah brought two things! I love her malteaser bars that she brought last year so I was super stoked they came again this year. She also brought dirty snowballs. They were chocolate and wonderful in the middle.

Cookie Swap 2013-4Jason is one of my baker friends who outdid himself with these wonderful cinnamon sugar cookies that were so light and flakey they reminded me of the most tender pie crust ever. So awesome. I couldn’t stop popping them in my mouth all afternoon. Even after I had claimed I had too much sugar. Oops.

Cookie Swap 2013-5Chase made gingerbread truffles. I never thought to make gingerbread truffles even though I love gingerbread. These were awesome. I loved the inside, they were the perfect texture.

Cookie Swap 2013-6

Cookie Swap 2013-7Elspeth brought two kinds of cookies as well. A peanut butter shortbread with a decadent chocolate ganache and then chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Both were fantastic.

Cookie Swap 2013-8Marcia came up from San Jose and brought fudge. I love the little tiny trees! SO darn cute! Also, she pre-packaged it all so that you could squirrel them away easy to much on at home. Those went quick, let me tell ya.

Cookie Swap 2013-9Abby brought two kinds of cookies and they had a ton of stuff in them. Couldn’t talk much when she came, I was busy stuffing her cookies in my mouth. She’s patient so we did hold a conversation between bites.

Cookie Swap 2013-10James and Kela brought some festive M&M cookies. I love these. I totally forgot to take a photo of all of them but when I was tidying up I had one in my mouth and found another to take a photo of. Because you don’t need to see my half eaten cookies. I might have taken a photo while eating said cookie, don’t judge, it’s the holidays!




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I'm Shannon and I love to bake, hike, play video games and have fun. I currently live in the Bay Area with my husband and cat.


  1. Hi Shannon! Looks like your cookie swap party was a huge success this year. What are the “rules?” I’m feeling inspired to possibly have my own next year. Thank you!

    1. I don’t really have any rules at my party. You can make cookies or buy them if you don’t bake. It’s mostly just a get-together to see friends. You can eat your fill and then when people start to leave we make care packages for them to take home. I sometimes have friends just drop by without cookies, it doesn’t matter there’s more than enough to share.

      I also provide a huge veggie tray, dips, hummus, pretzels, cheese/crackers and other salty things to nibble on. This year I had a huge crockpot of hot chocolate, apple cider, coffee and tea as drink options.

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