wpid-20131101_132632.jpgMy mother and sister in-law were in town and just left today. We decided to do some fun things and my mother in-law wanted some nature. We headed over the bridge (*gasp*) and checked out Muir Woods. SO lame that we haven’t ever been, everyone including the husband had a nice time.

imagePictures of us! The whole trail is on a nice paved or wooden and just a nice stroll. It was also educational with a bunch of stops and lots of signs. This tree was born in 909 AD, which was “after dinosaurs” according to the child in front of us. No, his parents didn’t correct him.

wpid-20131101_133143.jpgIt was a really nice day. No fog, not really warm or cold and cool redwoods. They are smart at this monument charging per person rather than car. ┬áStill, totally worth the $7. We didn’t get to the beach or anything but drove down to Half Moon Bay for dinner. It was a nice day.


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