Hayward Regional Shoreline

-Hayward Regional ShorelineIf you have crossed the San Mateo Bridge you probably would have noticed this building on the right (if you are going towards San Mateo in the toll plaza). It’s a regional preserve and education center. Complete with some nice flat trails that are part of the Bay Trail system.

Hayward Regional Shoreline CollageThere were a lot of people out yesterday which was fine. These trails are nice and flat with a little gravel. Very popular with the casual cyclist. I saw people of all ages tackling some loops. It was pretty cool.

-Hayward Regional Shoreline-5On the way past one of the gates I saw a windmill. Pretty cool! Turns out it’s called an Archimedes Screw meant to move water between salt ponds. But guess what? This one is an art installation. Go figure. I guess technology has won this battle as I saw hints of pipes everywhere.

-Hayward Regional Shoreline-6

-Hayward Regional Shoreline-7This park is noisy. Of course that was obvious, it’s right beside the toll plaza. You get great views of the San Mateo bridge and the Bay Bridge if the weather behaves. You can see San Mateo across the bay, San Francisco and Oakland if you look north. Lots of planes overhead going to OAK so if you like plane watching it’s pretty cool.  The park is all wide open and I think this would be a really fun walk when it’s foggy but loses the view (not that I had much view today). It was free and almost in my backyard so I’d go there for some quick miles.

-Hayward Regional Shoreline-8

-Hayward Regional Shoreline-9


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