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imageI remembered to take photos of what I ate! I started this week “counting calories” for a few days, not to lose weight but to see what is up with my food choices and my macros. Stress is being a pain in the butt and I’m eating way too much processed sugar. It’s kind of spiraling down so I want to write out what’s up so I can fix it. So, cutting down sweets to 1x a day and seeing where my calories were going were on the schedule. I started off with oatmeal but it also had a few raisins and half a banana. I know, I’m only counting processed sugar right now. I would have had other fresh fruit in there but I was in a rush.  You know your morning is going bad when you can’t even cut up an apple to throw in there and still make it past rush hour traffic.

imageI wanted something at 11am. I was only a little hungry and I knew I wanted something sweet. I couldn’t distract myself so I had a banana. It was better than the chocolate at the receptionists desk.

imageLunch was curry SooFoo, a few pieces of broccolini, cherry tomatoes and smoked tofu. I made this on the weekend for a few lunches. Worked out great!

imageI came home from work super hungry. This is my eating time, right when I get home until I go to the gym or finish dinner. Inhaled an apple while dinner was cooking which was honestly an awesome choice for a change. I was truly hungry so I skipped the gym in favour of food. I know, dumb (I could have had a snack, went and worked out and then made dinner) but it’s what my body wanted to do. I was just patting myself on the back that I didn’t eat cookies and chips and crackers and ice cream and everything else I didn’t really want in the first place. I don’t know why I got attached to this 5-7pm eating window again. *sigh*

imageDinner was roasted brussel sprouts and cherry tomatoes. Instead of rice or more SooFoo I opted to have it in a tortilla. It wasn’t enough so I pulled my sugar card and had a piece of coconut cream pie for dessert. The results of my stats were crummy on this first day of watching. 1200 calories, I’ve been trying to eat so much more than that, especially if I want to build muscle even with my super low metabolism. I even added up the olive oil and tiny bit of hoisin with lunch. *sigh*. I should have had some protein with diner but I was SO hungry and didn’t want to make anything. The pie was unnecessary but I wanted it and I decided that was my non-fruit sugar for the day. With how many sweets I’ve been eating lately cold turkey would have been extreme, and well, I didn’t want to go there. Since I’m not in dieting I’m just trying to assess if my intuitive eating is really intuitive or just an opportunity to grab sugar because it’s there. I have a feeling it’s sugar driven so I need to just keep some better options around this next week to reset my mindset.


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