Santa Teresa County Park

-Santa Teresa County Park-9Santa Teresa, a nice park in San Jose. It was a nice day yesterday so I thought it would be a good idea to double up on exercise. Tennis in the morning (with a lot of running drills, boo) and then a hike in the afternoon. Don’t worry, I fueled on leftover pizza.

-Santa Teresa County Park


-Santa Teresa County Park-2I’m going to be honest (because I usually am) and this was a rough hike for me. Not sure if it was the heat and lack of shade or that I had already exercised and was tired. Either way there was a hill at each turn. It was exhausting and with all the sun I was out for the count last night, that’s for sure. Okay, and today I will be going pretty slow.

-Santa Teresa County Park-3Thank god for sunscreen, that’s all I’m saying here. Oh, and water. Most of the people on the trail were carrying little water bottles. I was already dehydrated from over an hour of tennis so yeah, I brought out the big guns.

-Santa Teresa County Park-4


-Santa Teresa County Park-5It’s a nice enough urban park but it didn’t go down on my list of favourites. The trails are kind of boring. The wildlife is not however. I was checking my sticky note on which way to go and I look up and there’s a coyote on the trail 10 feet away staring at me. I didn’t have my camera out of course. However I did say “what are you looking at? I bet you can’t read my directions either!” and the little bugger pranced across the trail to one of my options. I chose the other option naturally. Hey, it was a small coyote, that baddie was just going to nibble my toes after I fell over from heat stroke.

-Santa Teresa County Park-6The rest of the hike was pretty uneventful after being shamed by the wildlife. Now I know why Ben says I could use a GoPro on my hikes. You wouldn’t have missed that interaction. However, you would have heard my dumb commentary (“another damn hill? wtf? your view sucks San Jose!”) and all my wheezing. I think it would ruin the story to be honest.

-Santa Teresa County Park-7Oh, I forgot to mention that this park has lots of cyclists which is cool and makes the wide hilly trails a necessity because I would have died a few times if they were single track. Also, there is a “motorcycle” park which I think is some off-roading. Pretty awesome but my bike is 100% street. And the parking pay machine accepts credit cards, so with the times 😉

-Santa Teresa County Park-8





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