Runa Traditional Guayusa Tea

2013-06-20 08.32.30A brand new tea introduced to me by a coworker. Runa Traditional Guayusa Tea has more caffeine than any other tea and double the antioxidants of green tea. How cool is that? It’s not a tea, it’s a herbal, herbal on caffeine.

It didn’t give me jitters or anything crazy so don’t be weary of that aspect. The tea itself is very small leaf so it’s really too fine for my mesh strainer in this mug. The tea itself isn’t bitter but it can get a little sharp if you let it steep like I do in the same mug. There’s a little bit of sweetness that comes out but it’s faint. It’s pretty basic honestly but a great pick me up without distractions.

By going to their site I see they make bottled iced tea. I’ll be sure to check these out, I’m sure they are very tasty!

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