Raw Chocolate Almond Marble Fudge

Raw Chocolate Almond Marble FudgeSometimes you just want some fudge. I read a blog post in the summer wondering why fudge shops were only in tourist parts of town. Fudge is a treat, a high sugar and very caloric treat. I’m pretty sure that if we had fudge in the house daily we’d be bigger than we already are. That is, if you like fudge.

Raw Chocolate Almond Marble Fudge-2This fudge recipe takes a bit of sugar out of the equation, and if you make it with cacao instead of chocolate like I did it will still be raw. However I had chocolate in the house and don’t keep to a raw diet so it’s all good on my end. I even used a vanilla flavoured agave nectar for a bit more kick. I found it really hard to blend in my blender though. I don’t know if I should have melted the coconut butter or not. It would have been easier. It was also hard to swirl but hey, who cares. Fudge in the house with only a little guilt!

Raw Chocolate Almond Marble Fudge-3



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