Kuhl Vala Pants

Kuhl Vala PantsI generally hike in moisture wicking capris or  performance leggings. I just find it more comfortable not worrying about things bunching or being weird. But I felt like I could use a few pairs of actual pants, so the first I picked up were the Kuhl Vala Pants.

Kuhl Vala Pants-2These are a great cut if you are a bit more curvy, and fit true to size. I had NO gaps at the waistband yet they fit perfectly in the hips and butt. There are also belt loops but I didn’t need a belt, but my weight goes up and down a lot so it is appreciated. The fabric is nylon and spandex, so it is tough (if I fall down a mountain, so full of grace, hey, it’s happened) yet it moves when I do without feeling restricted. When I wore these out they didn’t feel tight at all but the swishing of the nylon was a bit annoying. They also wick moisture away from my body as well and are really lightweight.  They also dust off really easily. The dirt and dust on them just wiped off with ease. That’s pretty nice.

Kuhl Vala Pants-3Cons? The front pockets are quite shallow. There’s one back zipped pocket that is quite tiny as well. I love that they are lightweight but I’d like a few more pockets or ones that can handle my phone without fear of it falling out. I’ve got a big phone! Plus a camera.




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