Gluten-free Nut Waffles

Gluten-free Nut WafflesI really wanted waffles. I ran out of all-purpose flour. Sure, I have whole wheat, whole wheat pastry, bread flour, cake flour… okay 30 kinds of flour. But no all-purpose and that’s my favourite with waffles. So I went all gluten-free with this Gluten-Free Nut Waffle Recipe. I have never had a waffle stick before. I sprayed a LOT with the next batch and they were fine, so very weird though.

Gluten-free Nut Waffles-2These waffles were really tasty! I used almond meal instead of ground hazelnuts because it was early in the morning and I was trying not to wake up the husband. I also didn’t have locust bean gum but I figured xantham gum was close. I found the batter really runny but I went with it. I generally like a more stiff batter so that they rise easier, I feel like Mr. Foreman has a lot of weight so there’s no chance that they can get a rise like the photo with the shallow plates and the weight. But it doesn’t matter. They were crispy and tasty. Didn’t taste beany at all and made a great breakfast.

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