French Lentils Warm Salad With Spinach And Mushrooms

French lentils warm salad with spinach and mushroomsDon’t feel like doing a “What I Ate Wednesday” so I’ll talk about something savoury instead. I don’t know what it is with me and my lentil cravings. Some days I just can’t seem to get my mind off of them. The husband doesn’t really like lentils unless I kind of hide them so maybe it is the mystique.

French lentils warm salad with spinach and mushrooms-2I don’t believe you have to eat traditional breakfast at breakfast. Well, you saw my post about breakfast for dinner right? So I woke up a couple days back and decided I wanted lentils for breakfast. I’ve been sitting on this recipe for French lentils warm salad with spinach and mushrooms from Taste Of A Kitchen for awhile now. And I was half done with the recipe: I had pre-cooked lentils in the fridge.

French lentils warm salad with spinach and mushrooms-3I used white button mushrooms because that’s what was in the fridge. Of course the pre-cooked lentils took a lot of time out of the mix. I didn’t measure the spinach but I did add a lot. Hey, spinach cooks down and I wanted to make sure I had my greens. I didn’t add the carrot mostly because I forgot. It would be a great addition but it didn’t make or break the recipe. I loved the tang of the mustard and apple cider vinegar. I wish I had made more honestly, I ate all this for breakfast!

French lentils warm salad with spinach and mushrooms-4

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