Food Truck Friday: Liba

imageWow, excuse the crappy pics. It was warm, sunny and I had just walked 1.5 miles to get lunch. I know, not epic but well, I really wanted to try the Liba falafel truck that was parked by 8th and DeHaro. imageAw, yeah. Falafel truck. They were on TV, so totally famous and stuff. The staff was super nice and pretty chill. The crowd was even chill. Good vibe. I dragged the husband along and we both got falafel sandwiches. He got an order of sweet potato fries that he mostly inhaled on the walk back to his office.  imageI really loved the topping bar. The peanuts, the carrot slaw, everything I used to top my sandwich was brilliant. imageBut since I’m an honest person I’m just going to come out and say I won’t be back. While the falafel was crispy it was SO lemony. I do NOT like lemony stuff in my savory food. The husband got down past his toppings and was looking for actual lemons. He doesn’t really love them either. So it’s pretty good falafel but the lemon flavour was really strong. He rarely eats falafel anyway so I’m not sure he’ll go back even if it is right beside the office. He prefers meaty dishes. Freak. Falafel rules! image

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