Eaton Park & Big Canyon Park 3.70 Miles

Eaton Park & Big Canyon Park

-Eaton Park & Big Canyon ParkSo I was supposed to go hiking in Marin yesterday but I was wore out from Saturday. Instead of sitting on the couch eating cookies all day I opted to go for a more urban hike. I drove 10 minutes from my house into San Carlos and hit up Eaton Park.

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-Eaton Park & Big Canyon Park-3Eaton Park is a small park but it’s really nice! I was honestly surprised. I loved the trails around here. There were a few people out and they were all polite. The traffic noise isn’t too bad since both parks are in pretty much a residential areas, much better than highway noises.

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-Eaton Park & Big Canyon Park-5There is a lot of shaded trail which is pretty awesome. It’s not fully shaded but the pockets of sun aren’t bad. Since Eaton Park is pretty small I decided to head across the street to Big Canyon Park to its trail. It’s pretty much more of the same. Overall doing both parks (though not exhausting Eaton) will gain you 3.5 miles. I got 3.7 because I kind of took a wrong turn. Oops.

-Eaton Park & Big Canyon Park-6So overall this is a great urban park. Enough to keep things interesting, stairs on steeper grades and easy parking. The views are okay, mostly residential. No ocean which is always a bummer but with it so close to my house it’s great for exercise.

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