Bair Island

bair islandIs it open? Is it closed? The internet couldn’t really be super clear on this question. This preserve is right off 101 and I wanted a quick walk/hike yesterday. Bair Island would be cool I’m sure if you could get to most of it.

bair island-2


bair island-3There is a 3 mile loop but it’s closed. There is a 1 mile loop and its partially open. Yeah, that kind of blows. I was the only one out here but it’s right on the highway and there are construction vehicles everywhere. No actual construction though.

bair island-4


bair island-5I did consider going “off trail” and hitting part of the 3 mile loop but guys in orange pulled up in a car and were watching me like I was going to do something bad. The salt marshes are pretty cool. The look just as neat as in the air. All pink and different colours. The trail would have been great for runners, soft packed dirt. However, you can’t even do the full loop and that’s kind of lame. It’s right on the highway pretty much so you get great Pandora streaming. I guess wait a year or so for this mini hike, but there are other parts of the Bay Trail that are just nicer.

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bair island-7


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