cookies and cream ice creamCookies and Cream. So very classic. Did you know that Oreos in the US are vegan? They aren’t overseas but here just another happenstance of accidental vegan. The calories still count though, just in case you were keeping track. I’ve never really been attached to Oreos but if they are in the house I tend to try to figure out if I like them better than x, y, or z by shoving them all down my throat until the packet is empty. Hrm.

cookies and cream ice cream-2Anyway, I was at Whole Foods grocery shopping so I bought their brand of sandwich cookies. Still vegan and honestly almost the same cookie. Except it has 365 stamped on the biscuit. I crushed them up and made the recipe for Cookies and Cream Ice Cream I found over at Vegan Ice Cream! Yep, a blog (unfortunately defunct) all about vegan ice cream. Nice!

cookies and cream ice cream-3I was expecting the husband to inhale this one but after the peach ice cream yesterday being so creamy and delicious he went back to that one! I was so very surprised. He never reaches for peach anything but it was so darn good. I generally dominate the fruit and he takes care of the chocolate, peanut butter and caramel. Nope! This one was okay but it just didn’t have that creamy factor.




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