Vegan MoFo Day 8: Peach Melba Ice Cream

peach melba ice creamI was sitting on some almost over ripe peaches. I can generally get through them super quick but this week I started petering out. They are out of season and I’ve been shoving them down my throat so quick they might have lost some of their novelty. I don’t know what made this Peach Melba ice cream so awesome but I hope to recreate it in my next batches. This is another one from Vegan A La Mode but the creaminess was to die for. Even the husband commented on how smooth it was, he liked it better than the Gravel Path. That could have won by default because of chocolate, but this one blew it away in both of our books.

peach melba ice cream-2I think it was all the parts that made for a great creamy ice cream. Coconut milk, cooking the mixture so the sugar is dissolved, limoncello and raspberry preserves that help it not freeze into a giant brick. Anyway, it turned out creamy and delicious. When I tasted the liquid I was kind of disappointed that the peach was not more pronounced. Funny thing though is that after it was frozen the subtle peach really came out to play. This one stays in rotation… after 23 more flavours of course.

peach melba ice cream-3




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  1. Your theme is killin me for an ice cream maker. So much deliciousness! Peach has always been my favorite flavor for ice cream. Yours looks fabulous!

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