gravel path ice creamGravel Path doesn’t sound too appetizing huh? Well, when I was drooling my way through Vegan A La Mode I instantly recognized it as Rocky Road. Rocky Road is one of my favourites. I know I keep on throwing “favourites” around, but it’s true. It doesn’t surpass strawberry but I’m not turing my nose up at Rocky Road.

gravel path ice cream-2This one took quite a while to churn, I think it was too warm in the house but it tasted great. The base tasted like chocolate pudding, quite sweet. I was surprised at the sweetness but hey, I love chocolate pudding. I used lightly salted cashews and almonds to balance it out a bit. No cacao, I just doubled up on chocolate chips. Dandies came in handy here for the marshmallows, I tried to cut them up quite small so that there was a bit in each bowl. I should have chopped the nuts a bit better but hey, it’s all good. The rocks in the road were delicious!

gravel path ice cream-3



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