strawberry ice creamIs it bad to just want to quit Vegan MoFo right now? I mean, I’ve found my favourite ice cream already. I’m done. Packing up my ice cream maker and not making any other flavours. It’s Friday and I just want to curl up with a pint of strawberry ice cream.

strawberry ice cream-2Strawberry is my favourite, even over chocolate. The basic strawberry ice cream recipe in Lick It! is a coconut milk base and it’s fantastic. I did add some finely chopped strawberries to the ice cream near the end but I don’t think it needs them. They turned a bit hard (or, frozen… no way!) so they didn’t add that much to the base. But the base flavour was fantastic. So bright without any food colouring. That’s all natural strawberry right there in a mug. Now, to see if I can hide this one behind the other flavours so the husband “forgets” about it. He seemed to really like it as well, I better make something chocolate or peanut butter tomorrow so he forgets about it.

strawberry ice cream-3



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