Vegan MoFo Day 4: Butterscotch Ripple Ice Cream

Butterscotch Ripple Ice Cream-3One of the struggles of ice cream making I’ve found even on day 4 is balancing the integrity of the ice cream itself. That’s fancy pants for saying I add too much stuff. See, store-bought ice cream is always lacking in the good stuff: swirls, brownies, chunks and so on. However, there’s a reason for that: integrity.

Butterscotch Ripple Ice CreamDo you want an ice cream that is full of fillings or one that actually fully freezes and you can put in a cone? It’s a fine line. I failed by adding too much jam to the first ice cream I made. I almost crossed the line with this butterscotch ripple from Lick It!. Okay, maybe I did cross it since the butterscotch really did hamper the setting of the ice cream and the husband said it was quite sweet. Hey, this one was for me and I was pleased. The butterscotch was easy to make and the ice cream was quite creamy even if not fully hardened. Another coconut milk base down for the count.

Butterscotch Ripple Ice Cream-2



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  1. I’d definitely rather have more add ins than structural integrity. That looks delicious!

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