Vegan MoFo Day 30: Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream

chocolate moose tracks ice cream-3Done! Today is the last day of ice cream, unless I want to do a round-up. I’m burnt out though. Seriously. So burnt out that I couldn’t even get the damn recipe from Vegan A La Mode right. Teaspoons vs Tablespoons? Yeah, that one got me. But I wanted to do a custard base in ode to STL.

chocolate moose tracks ice cream-2The only part I really fudged was the cocoa powder. That was the tsp vs Tbsp issue, so instead of a malt custard base I ended up with quite a chocolate base. Add chocolate peanut butter cups and fudge sauce to that? Chocolate heaven but not really moose tracks?

chocolate moose tracks ice creamDo I care? Hell no. Still tasty. Still awesome. Still the end. Did you have a favourite? Around here the peach melba was the clear winner. Anything with peanut butter was pretty stellar and I really loved the lemon coconut, s’mores, chocolate mousse, and strawberry.


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