Vegan MoFo Day 21: Banana Split Ice Cream

Banana Split Ice Cream
This Banana Split ice cream from Vegan A La Mode wasn’t on my initial list. I was opening the book to make something else and got sidetracked. It’s a good kind of sidetracked.

Banana Split Ice Cream-2


In case you are new to my blog, I bake with a lot of bananas. I keep them in the house at all times. I just like bananas. I’ve made banana soft serve before but I didn’t consider putting it through the ice cream maker. And I honestly forgot about it. This ice cream is great except it had the same issue that I had with the strawberry ice cream: crunchy strawberries. The fresh strawberries just don’t freeze well in the ice cream base. Next time I might use frozen strawberries since they have added sugar. Or maybe I should add sugar to the fresh ones so they don’t totally freeze. It was tasty and made a great banana split though! The chocolate and the peanuts worked out well though.

Banana Split Ice Cream-3


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  1. Just a thought…I wonder if you soak the strawberries in liqueur or brandy they might not freeze since the freezing temp is lower? And it might add an interesting kick to the split. 😉

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