Vegan MoFo Day 20: S’mores Ice Cream

Smores Ice Cream-2Oh, Ladycakes! You never steer me wrong. When I saw the recipe for S’mores Ice Cream it went on the list. Immediately.

Smores Ice CreamSo I decided to make a half batch but forgot when I was in the middle of the “adding ingredients” and added the full amount of sugar. Honestly, it was fine. The added sugar was no big deal. I also just added graham cracker crumbs to the base and then broke up cookies for some chunks. I didn’t measure my add-ins and it worked out okay.

Smores Ice Cream-3Another big shout out to Dandies again. Man, these marshmallows rock. I cut them into 8ths so that they were not too big for the ice cream. It turned out great, and super creamy. I have a feeling this one will go quickly.

Smores Ice Cream-4



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