Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream-3I kind of wanted a tried and true recipe after my first failure yesterday but I was craving something fruity. So I opened up my massive baking wishlist and pulled out this Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream I found over at My Man’s Belly. I’ve been living off of oatmeal and blueberries pretty much for years now, my standby for breakfast. So yep, I already had everything in my pantry, including the rum and vodka.

Blueberry Crumble Ice CreamDon’t judge, those are the only hard alcohols I have in my house. They are both brilliant for baking, and it seems great ice cream making (you all should know by now I only really enjoy drinking cider, sheesh). You couldn’t taste the alcohol in the finished product anyway. For the granola I used the Olives For Dinner recipe. I found that the seedy granola worked great in ice cream. The base texture was pretty nice too, I think mostly do to the cooked oatmeal in the base. It didn’t get super creamy but it was still darn tasty.

Blueberry Crumble Ice Cream-2



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